Ghosttyped is now Blogmachine!

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Blog Machine is a minimalist blogging platform

Create a minimal, barebones style blog in seconds. You know, like those jekyll with gatsby on netlify or github pages blogs you've been too lazy so set up yourself.

You can check out some example blogs if you'd like as well! If you have one, think its cool, and want it to be featured on the homepage, just hop on twitter and shoot me a DM@ghosttyped.

@ghosttyped's Blog

David's personal blog, set up right here on this site!

Why does this exist?

I built this because I wanted to set up a hyperminimalist blog. All the existing blogging/content platforms felt overly bloated and commercial, and newsletters felt too ephemerial - I wanted content to stand the test of time to be looked back at later, not to be forgotten within a week.

The closest parallel I could find to what I was looking for were these Jekyll blogs quite a few people use. Unfortuantely I was too lazy to figure out how to use ruby to get jekyll working, So I figured maybe other people might be in the same boat as well.

Are there more features coming soon?

Yeah I'll add little things here and there as people ask for things and I figure out what's missing. Feel free to contact me if you have a feature request! Or an idea. Or found a bug. We don't like bugs.

Maybe I might slide some social features here and there so you can follow/subscribe to your favorite blogs and friends as well, but I want to keep the spirt of this platform intact so who knows.

Is this going to stay up forever?

I hope so? Ideally I'd like to keep it up and free forever but servers and databases aren't free so if people use this enough to the point where I can't afford to keep it up I'll have to charge a small fee/donation or something. If you'd like to donate database/cloud credits to me let me know as well!

Any other useful things to know?

Yeah! If you're logged in, you can quickly go to your admin dashboard by clicking on your profile picture and name in the top right corner.

Markdown shortcuts also work when you're writing a post, so you can type # or ## or * for headings/lists/etc.

Also, I'm looking for more twitter followers. Feel free to